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Areas of Focus

Elements of a Successful Transaction

Areas of Focus

Title research & verification

We provide our clients with in-depth research regarding the subject property and its ownership history through the preparation of comprehensive title abstracts. We will fully certify our research, which will provide a summary of the original grant and all subsequent conveyances and encumbrances affecting the subject property. We will also study the title history and identify and work with you to remove any liens or claims to ensure the buyer receives clear and marketable title to the property. 

Title Insurance Policy Support

Regardless if you are a buyer or seller, our team is capable of preparing title insurance documents and commitment(s) per the lender’s title insurance policy requirements. It is an industry wide recommendation that buyers receive an owner’s title insurance policy which will protect against any unforeseen claims, hidden risks, or fraud against the property.  Should any inconsistencies be found through our research efforts, the title insurance policy should provide protection from financial loss and pay legal fees necessary to clear such claims.

site survey Coordination

Many lenders require a survey or improvement location drawing as part of their transaction process. With our client's approval, we will execute an order for a survey, and analyze the corresponding results.  If our team identifies any potential problems with the survey or improvement location drawing, we will ensure the proper parties are notified as soon as possible. We will also provide the survey to the buyer at or upon settlement.

Loan Documentation for Closings

We also coordinate with the mortgage lender to receive the loan documents for closing.  Once received in our office, we review all forms and comply with the lender requirements for closing.  With these documents, we are then able to complete the HUD-1 Settlement Statement.  This settlement statement is one of the most important documents to sign because it details all of the costs associated with the purchase and sale of the property.  We also prepare the deed and other documents necessary to comply with state and federal laws.

Property tax Payment verification

Our team's familiarity with tax codes in various jurisdictions will be in verifying the tax payment history for the property. In addition to verifying tax payments, our team will confirm that there are no outstanding payments due to utilities, service, and/or the Homeowners Association. Your Constitution Title representative will then prepare the HUD-1 Settlement Statement with accurate billing amounts reflective of billing period and settlement milestones that you will receive prior to closing for review.

Closing and Post Closing

We offer mobile closings for your convenience. At closing, your Constitution Title representative will carefully explain all documents prior to your execution. Post closing, we disburse all the monies collected at settlement and pay vendors involved in the transaction process, payoff and release the existing mortgages on the property, and prepare the loan documents to be returned to the lender. We will also ensure all documents including the new deed and mortgage are recorded at the courthouse.